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So during the Varsity round of the GOP debate, I was live tweeting. Because, well that’s what one does when one wants to play the very dangerous GOP Debate drinking game.

None of the frontrunners really wowed the world in this freshman debate. Donald Trump’s bloviating would be difficult to characterize as captivating as it was more of his self-caricature.

The rest of the candidates seemed to be reading off the Republican National Party’s official bullet point list, including the defunding of Planned Parenthood, religious liberty, and political correctness.

The Washington Post declared that Marco Rubio was the winner of the Varsity portion. And a post-debate focus group blasted Donald Trump for his behavior during the debate. The New York Times lambasted Trumps performance at the debate while also highlighting Gov. John Kasich and Jeb Bush’s performances.

However, Bernie Sanders benefited the most from the debate tonight. A clear contrast to the rank-and-file Republicans, Sander’s interactions on Twitter belied the political issues that the Republican party is ill-equipped to deal with. Namely the following:

  1. Health care
    bs healthcare tweet
  2. Climate Change
    bs climate change
  3. A Woman’s Right to Choose
    bs pro-choice
  4. And whether or not Tom Hanks would have bested the competition …
    bs tom hanks
    But Sanders realized the error of his way and quickly retracted his statement.
    bs tom hanks woops

Sander’s tweeting was much more aggressive with regards to the content of the debates than Hillary Clinton’s tweeting. Hillary’s tweeting was recycled platform points and an invite to a fact-checking program after the conclusion of the debate. Whether it was because Clinton couldn’t afford to ask these pertinent questions as the focus of the Republican vitriol or whether she is taking a different strategy with her Republican opponents, Bernie Sanders was there with the rest of the non-Republicans asking the same questions we were asking, and left the debate as befuddled as we were when witnessing it.

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