© 2015 |Gage Skidmore

© 2015 |Gage Skidmore

Anybody who watched the JV Debate, also known as the Happy Hour Debate realized that there was a certain point in the debate where Carly Fiorina just took off and didn’t really look back. Right after she took a swing at frontrunner Donald Trump. It was sincere, funny and kinda called for as Trump has practically always been a self-parody.

To be honest, Fiorina was probably the least known of the candidates on the stage, which included the likes of Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindall and Lindsay Graham. She so outperformed her other competitors, that the punditocracy unanimously declared Fiorina the winner.

Much of the debate focused on questions surrounding Planned Parenthood and the Iran nuclear deal. While this writer is most skeptical about Fiorina’s foreign policy, she maintained the most poised and cogent answers of her fellow debaters, proved she was able to riff off of some of the less capable debaters, like Perry, and went after the golden egg of the GOP, Clinton on Benghazi.

While there has been some buzz for Fiorina on the campaign trail, none of that buzz translated into any gains in the polling. If Fiorina can translate this first performance into long-term momentum heading into the GOP Primary, could we have our first all-female election? It’s possible, but a long shot.

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